Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blackberry 8100 The Pearl Amongst The Mobile Phones

At the first glance, Blackberry 8100 Pearl will look just like any other business phone, however, we need to assess this mobile phone in detail in order to understand the evident hullabaloo that this mobile phone has carried with it ever since its inception. In fact, Blackberry 8100 is the cheapest smart phone that has ever come from the Blackberry factory. But the features that it offers have not been tampered with much, which makes this handset all the more popular amongst the mass users. The QWERTY keyboard in Blackberry Pearl is a little different than the original blackberry handsets. It has two characters typed on the corners of a single key which makes it a little tough to maneuver with this device. However you won t feel this hassle after you have become accustomed to using this handset. Coming to the specs, since, this handset has been released worldwide, so it is powered with a Quad-Band GSM network which allows it to be used anywhere around the globe. Further, the support of GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth makes it great in terms of connectivity. The features of Internet browsing and e-mail client are intact in this handset. Blackberry has also introduced a 1.3 Mega Pixels camera in this device that makes it look better than the other blackberries available in the market. So this phone seemingly caters to the need of the mass market as well. Further, there is a media player that serves the purpose of entertainment in this device. For the official business purposes, Blackberry 8100 Pearl allows you to access your corporate data in MS Office format, which supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files. You need not bother about the memory part as there is the provision of an external card slot that suffices the memory requirement in this device. The retail pack has 64 MB of embedded memory in it. Blackberry 8100 Pearl is surely made for a business user. It is not a hardcore Blackberry phone but a normal business device that also provides you with unlimited entertainment, when required. Certainly, this device is all set to add another feather to the cap of Blackberry. Fletcher Mak is an author, write various articles on different themes to expand information, because articles is a good way to send their information to needy people easily. You can get information about Blackberry 8100 Pearl and other mobile phone deals .

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