Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8100 - It s Different

Blackberry Pearl 8100 - It s Different Blackberry series of mobile phones are known to the world for their dedicated business functions and its one recent model called Blackberry 8100 Pearl has instantly grabbed our attention. Because it is quite different from the serious and no-nonsense Blackberry league, this blackberry Pearl has been able to create quite a stir in mobile phone markets around the world, thus adding to the curiosity of the consumers. Let us try to review Blackberry Pearl to understand as to why it is different from its predecessors. This Blackberry mobile phone looks like a revised version of the 7130 series of phones. However the features of this handset are better and they look much better than the former 7130 version. It comes in a candybar shape with 240 x 260 pixels resolution TFT screen, wherein you are able to view a spectrum of 16,000 colours. You can see a user friendly QWERTY keyboard below its screen that guides you to the inner realms of blackberry pearl. The specs of this device are pretty impressive. A worldwide connectivity is ensured through its Quad-Band GSM network that has made it appear in the same version in all parts of the world, including Europe and America. Features like GPRS, EGDE and Bluetooth enhance the same. The inclusion of a 1.3 Mega Pixels camera in this Blackberry device has added to the happiness of some and consternation of the few. Since, it is a different blackberry so this camera addition is a welcome change in this device. There is an Internet browser for net surfing, as well as support for e-mail client. Plus there are various chat messengers installed in this device like AQL, ICU, MSN and Yahoo that keeps you linked with your fellow mates wherever you go. The business features are intact in this device with its document viewer that can open your MS office documents through Blackberry Pearl. The internal memory of this Blackberry mobile phone is sufficient at 64 MB and it can also be expanded according to your suitability. Many Blackberry enthusiasts will not be too keen to buy blackberry pearl 8100 as this gadget has been designed keeping in view the mass market. But many others cant wait to buy blackberry for its experimental innovations. However, Blackberry pearl is a major hit in all parts of globe and it seems like one of the best buys in the present times. Know more about Mobile Phone Deals and BlackBerry 8800 here.

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