Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sony Ericsson K850i Blue is Brother to K850i Green in CyberShot Range

Some years ago, mobile phone manufacturers had a completely different approach to coloured handsets, Nokia were the first to lead the market in releasing phones that could be personalised by simply buying new fascias in different colours, patterns and designs. This soon caught on and other manufacturers followed suit to the point that street markets, high street accessory shops and internet websites were stocking hundreds of different coloured fascias for hundreds of different phone makes and models. This trend was unfortunately short lived and the last of the phone that could be personalised this way was sold around 3 years ago, you see, the mobile manufacturers had done some research and discovered that if they sold colour variants of the same model rather than letting the customer buy a new casing not only would they sell at lot more handsets but the margins would be much greater. With new mobiel phone fascias costing as little as a couple of pounds, even a big profit margin would only return a small revenue, whereas when selling an entire handset the margins are much greater and so is the market share. So now it is all down to the customer to buy a phone that suits their personality, whether that be a different colour of simply the shape and design, but they have to choose far more carefully these days because although they can personalise the phone with any number of ringtones, wallpapers and themes, short of respraying their phone with paint they are stuck with that handset for the entirety of their contract period which these days can be up to twenty four months. The UK mobile phones market is seeing more and more colour variants of popular handsets entering the frame, but the latest two released by Sony Ericsson are actually very different to the rest. The handsets model colour does not correspond to the colour of the outer casing but instead to the colour of the internal LED lights that feature on the front of the phone, behind the keypad for backlighting and again around the outside of the phone for alerting the user to incoming calls and text messages. The Sony Ericsson K850i Blue and Green are the first handsets to differentiate their model colours in this manner, so expect other manufacturers to follow soon. The K850i is the company s first ever 5.0 megapixel camera phone and because it is a part of the CyberShot range the photographic capabilities do not stop there, to accompany there is a built-in Xenon flash rather than the standard LED which is far more effective in low light conditions, an image stabiliser for clear pictures even when the subject or user are moving, autofocus for quick, quality imaging, a digital zoom for close up photography and an automatic lens cover that protects the lens whilst the camera is not in use. The K850i phones offer the same technology as found in many stand alone digital cameras, negating the need to take a further device out when leaving the house, this is further true of other devices such as Music Players and Radios as the K850i boasts an MP3 player with playlist options and an FM Radio with RDS. The two new Sony Ericsson K850i s look very similar until a new call or text is received, this is the only time your can tell the two colour variants apart. The Sony Ericsson K850i Blue and Sony Ericsson K850i Green are just two of many new mobile phones to be released this year. If you would like any further information please feel free to visit our mobile phones shop.

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